Friday, March 25, 2011

Nana and Papa's

We always try to make it out to visit Nana and Papa any chance that we can. We can normally catch Nana, but Papa isn't one to sit around twiddling his thumbs. We missed him last time we stopped by. This visit, we caught him just as he came home from the farm, before he headed out to dinner and a night of baseball. Abigail loves to go out on the "tractor" and check on the cows with him. This time of year is the BEST, it is when all the new babies are being born. She even got to drive this time.

She loves Nana's play room, full of toys, and wonderful bunkbeds. She loves it even better when there are cousins to play along with. I like that too, that means I can actually sit and visit with Nana instead of play with the toys.
We love being closer to them, and are excited to see them again in a month for their SIXTIETH, that right 60th, wedding anniversary.

Glad Courtney was there too, she held Ellie while me and Nana watched the kids take off with Papa. Nana takes her roll very seriously. She told me she had to come out so she could start hollerin' if Papa drove too fast :)

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Pheobe said...

It's so great that they live nearby! I'm jealous of your farm connections btw. You need to guide my explorations!