Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mimi and Pops

Last week ended up being a lot of fun, for a not very fun reason.

Let me explain... Courtney and Mom came down on Monday to spend a few days with us during their spring break. I wasn't feeling very good, and by Tuesday, my Mom talked me into going to get checked out. Turned out that I had strep throat. Well, because they are awesome, Courtney and Mom offered to take Abigail home with them and let me get some rest for a few days. Of course that meant that we would HAVE to go pick her up (twist my arm... a visit home? DARN).
We went up Thursday night after Charles got off work, entertained by the BYU basketball game- thank you March Madness iPhone app :)
Friday morning, I still wasn't getting any better with the meds, so I went to the doctor again, this time for a good old fashioned shot in the tooshie. That turned things around quickly and I was up and at 'em Saturday feeling lots better.

We had a lot of fun hanging out with family, so there will be a few posts worth of pictures of the weekend.

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