Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home :)

This post requires a little bit of background from two directions.

Every now and then, we will be so anxious for Daddy to get home from work, that Abigail will request that we go look for him. We grab our stools, and head out to the sidewalk where we sit and wait (and look for bugs, or whatever else we feel like doing).

Something else you need to know, is that Abigail has the most vivid imagination of any child I have ever seen (but lets be honest... I know her better than any other child I've ever known, so I don't know how much that says...). Anyway, she spends very little time in the day as "Abigail." For example- last night she went to bed a Bengal Tiger, so of course, I wasn't surprised when my baby tiger came crawling into my room this morning looking for her Mommy Bengal Tiger. I managed to get out a roar that appeased her, and got me a few more minutes with my pillow. Throughout the rest of the day today, I had a dance party on the beach with my two baby crabs, and had butterflies for dinner with a sea turtle. You heard me right. It was quite a day. You can be sure that at any point on any given day, she could be a Mommy or a Princess. Those are the recurring rolls in her repertoire.

Another funny story about her imagination- Yesterday we went over to a friends house for dinner. These friends have girls each within a month of our girls and we have become good friends with them. Abigail LOVES Jaidyn, their daughter. I have never seen to kids become such great friends so quickly. Anyway, last night, I was trying to rush Abigail out the door to go to their house. I told her we needed to hurry so Jaidyn wouldn't get sad waiting for us. This immediately sent Abigail into a conversation with Jaidyn that lasted until we got to their house. With her hand to her mouth, shouting, Abigail said, "Jaidyn, I'm coming!" Then she transferred her hand to her ear so she could hear better, "What you say Jaidyn?? Oh, You're my best friend, too!" I was laughing out loud most of the drive over as I witnessed this conversation for the remainder of the trip, mingled with the "Mommy, where we going? We going to Jaidyn's house Mommy?" which she asked over, and over again.

Now, where do these two backgrounds meet up??

Here is Abigail, the Mommy, with her baby. They are waiting outside for daddy to get home from work. There was a joyous reunion when he came home.

She is one of a kind.

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Em said...

She is SO cute. Love her. I too have never met a child with an imagination like hers.