Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A little bribe goes a LONG way...

Lately naps have lost their luster for Abigail.

They will never, EVER lose it for me.

Quiet time worked for a while, but lately, nap time has been more of a dress up time than anything. It usually comes to an end with multiple trips to the potty, or, the last couple of days, with Abigail screaming for help because she is trapped in one of the many shirts she has layered on herself. Today I went up to find her all but bound by the third shirt she was trying to squeeze into.
That's when it happened... I got desperate. I put her back down in her bed, tucked her in sweetly, gave her a kiss... and then gave her a big, fat bribe.

It is true. I promised her a big sucker after her nap if she stayed in bed and took a nap. At first I was a little ashamed of my desperation. But by the end of her three hour nap, I was asking myself, Why didn't I think of this sooner???

During her nap, I had the chance to relax and read some blogs (great to do while feeding a baby). I read the latest from my dear friend, and talented photographer, Emily. She did a post about how she had been focusing on finding the perfect light for her photos. Obviously, that is ideal, but it made me realize, how often I focus on other things to try to get a good photo, and let the lighting take a back seat.

After Abigail woke up, I decided to take advantage of the afternoon lighting, and take some pictures. I knew once I busted out the sucker, I was sure to get some natural smiles that are normally hard to get once she sees the camera.

Here is her initial reaction when I showed her the sucker.

Prepare yourself for sucker-mania.

Oh the beauty of actually having natural light to take pictures in.
Thank you, Texas, for your sunshine.


Pheobe said...

Beautiful pictures! Natural light really is awesome, amd how rarely I'm able to take advantage.

Em said...

Wahoo for great light! Glad someone pays attention to my nonsense!:) really, it's all about the light. Plus Abigail is ridiculously cute so that doesn't hurt!