Thursday, February 10, 2011

A day in the life...

First off, you have to know... Charles' new job is plush. They have massage therapists come to the office frequently for free massages. They have a leisure room, 2 fully stocked kitchens, catered lunch multiple times a week, a ping pong table... you get the idea, he has it rough.

Well, today Charles texted me from his palace (work) and asked how my day was going. I think he was expected a one or two work response. Instead, he got this email.

Captain's log: 2/10/11
Prior to 6 am... Don't even go there.

6:45 AM- Finally give in, Ellie wins, time to feed.

6:50-7:00 AM- falls asleep while feeding, put her back down, wakes up, and is up for the day.

8:00 AM - take her diaper off to change it, and she wets everywhere

8:05- Ellie takes a bath

8:15- She is ready to have a nap. Falls asleep rocking with Mom

8:30- Put her down in her bed.

8:45- Abigail gets up. Goes poop and pee on her own, decides to empty her potty into the toilet... empties said contents onto our white carpet. Takes it one step further by trying to clean it up by herself too. By the time I got up to her room to see why she was still up there, I found the carpet soaked, poop on the floor, and Abigail sitting down with a wipe, trying to clean her feet.

8: 50- Ellie is screaming again

8:55- Abigail hits the bath tub, understandably. Bath time is uneventful. She plays while I juggle back and forth between trying to get Ellie back to sleep and trying to get Abigail cleaned up.

9:30 Ellie still crying with intermittent pauses of hope. Abigail is "HONGY." Feed Abigail some breakfast and let her watch Peter Rabbit.

9:45 Still crying and parked in front of netflix (that refers to Ellie and Abi... not me, surprisingly)

10:00 All is quiet on the Himmer front. Ellie is sleeping. Dishes are done. I am playing with Abigail and her blasted bird puppet.

10:08- Realization.... OH CRAP, I had a visiting teaching appointment at 10.

10:10- scrambling to get stuff together to run to the appt.

10:15- realize it is hopeless. call and cancel. But I can still make it to the 11:30 appointment, right??

10:30- quickest makeup application on the planet.

10:45- Get Ellie up, dressed, and fed. ready to walk out the door just on time.

11:10- Que the spit up of a lifetime.

11:15- new clothes for mom and ellie.

11:20- out the door.

What a morning... things have settled down though. I can breath now.

So... who has the harder job here?? Did you have catered lunch and a massage today?? Don't pull a muscle playing ping pong.

End of Email...

I can't help but think of the times that someone has said, "Oh, you just stay at home with your kids? What do you do all day?"

Next time, I think I'll ask... What do you do at "work?" 9-5 can be so demanding, right??

I had to write this just for the sheer comedy of my morning. Things got better after noon... although there was another incident during Abi's "nap" involving feces. We won't go there.

Highlight of my day... we just got back from a date night. The first in far too long. I forgot how much I like Charles. It was nice to spend some time with him.


Courtney Lynch said...

hahaha daniel just said abi is all about the poop isnt she? (referncing her pooping in the tub while we were babysitting her and squishing it in her fingers before daniel realized it was poop) im so sorry your morning was ruff and wish i was close enough i could just walk over and let you sleep! love many more posts like this and ill never commit to having children. :)

Pheobe said...

I hope that email was therapeutic. Sometimes wiring it all out makes me feel better. I'm lucky that Cameron is well aware that my job is harder. Who watched your girls so you could go out? Glad you could go!

Randy and Andria said...

haha, i'm sorry heather! (it is pretty comical though...) and as far as charles' work goes, i better the fully stocked kitchens are his favorite part! :) miss you guys!

Randy and Andria said...

and by *better....i mean *bet...

Melissa Wilson said...

I just laughed so hard I cried at this, especially the last line about ping pong...bless your heart! Good thing those days aren't the norm!