Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Arctic BLAST

In Austin, when it gets below freezing... we call it an Arctic Blast.
I read that in the weather this morning and thought to myself...
ok, now isn't that a little dramatic? It is what it is though, and we have been very cold.
No time like winter time, when it is 15 degrees outside, for your heater to go out, right? Oh the joys of renting. We don't have to pay for it... but we do have to wait for all kinds of approval before they will actually do the repair. You'd think they had to get the OK from the president himself. Hopefully today we will be nice and warm again. Meanwhile, we are bundling up and even had some fun playing in the snow.

Here is our Ellie... but you can call her Cheeks.

It doesn't seem to phase Abigail... she still wants to run around in her nothin's. Ellie on the other hand... we have had lots of snuggle time trying to stay warm.
I must say... I love a good, Texas snow storm. Everything shuts down, and everyone is ecstatic. The dead grass is still sticking up through the white snow. It's gone by noon.
And then it might be 70 degrees the next day.

In fact... here is a glimpse of what we were doing Monday night at our house.
The snow came Friday morning, just 4 days after Abigail was running through the sprinklers.
The Lonestar State can be a little moody. Then again... so can I, so who am I to judge??

God Bless Texas, right??

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alli said...

Oh my gosh, I just want to SQUISH those delicious cheeks! I just got caught up and your latest post up there makes me a bit nervous for the arrival of number two but we'll just have to swap stories of the insanity of two children...I was laughing through the post so you're reassuring me that it's possible to have a sense of humor about it! Your babies are so cute.