Saturday, May 30, 2009

A walk in the park

We have had GORGEOUS weather here lately. I've complained for about 6 months about the weather here... but for the last couple of weeks, it is hard to find ANY fault with this state. (well, of course other than the fact that it is so FAR away from Texas.)

One of the things we have done with these sunny days is take a short walk through one of the city "parks." Its just a huge forest with nice trails for hiking. One of the bonuses of living here. Abigail is loving her Moby wrap as much as ever, and daddy loves being my pack mule :)

So why was our walk so short in such a beautiful place, with such beautiful weather and a happy babe?
When I first heard of BEARS around in the city, I just about freaked out. I remember panicking last summer when Charles' mom told me about bears getting into the trash cans all along their street.



Count me out on that one...

Just be sure to keep your dog on a leash, don't worry about your CHILDREN! Hello??

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Andrew said...

Heather you're so funny. They're not going to harm humans. Only black bears come down there, they feed on berries and fish mostly. They're afraid of humans.