Monday, May 4, 2009

Easy or hard?

Ever since we moved in, we have known that we needed to build retaining walls on both sides of our drive way. I say "we"... I provide support, snacks, and drinks... and the occasional help with the shovel when the work requires someone with some REAL muscle (yeah right..). Well, it has been a daunting task for almost a year now. Charles and his dad and brothers knocked out one side of it last summer/fall. They dug out the dirt with shovels and wheel barrows. Charles probably spent a month and a half worth of Saturdays to get it up, with several hours of help from the boys.

"We" started on the other side last weekend. Only this time "we" did it a little differently. Here is our neighbor with his excavator, clearing the way for us to lay the bricks. It took him less than two hours to do what would have taken 'us' about a month.

This time, Charles and Abigail joined me in moral support for Stan the Man.

Now I know what Papa meant when he saw Charles digging out there and told him he was doing it "the hard way."

Now Charles wants to buy and excavator. Let's start with buying a second car maybe... then we can move on to construction equipment.

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Larsen Family said...

that looks like so much fun!!!! :o) haha I hope that the "two" of you have fun with that.