Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Biggest Battle

Remember that famous tooshie that we ALL know and love?

That's right... that's the one...

Well, it just so happens those million dollar cheeks NEVER STOP MOVING.
Making it nearly impossible to get a diaper on, much less clothing after bath time.

Any tips from you expert parents out there?


Laurie Leiser said...

I'd like to know myself! lol. let me know if you figure it out. It takes a lot of trys to get his diaper and clothes on, especially after the bath.. it's like it makes him hyper before he crashes for the night.

knjfabela said...

I don't know if this will help, but when Kaiya started doing this I put different toys or other objects on her chest to keep her still. Here favorite thing was the whip container. However, I bet you love watching that lil' bum crawl away from hou.

Sunny said...

Jack does this all the time. I try and distract him the best I can. Grab a toy or something and put it on his chest. Throw his pants or shorts on his face to play peek a boo. That at least gives me a few minutes. Sometimes, Robbie just comes in and distracts him or even holds him down :). I am no expert though, but good luck.

Em said...

Holy cow those buns are C U T E!

Momma's girl! ;)

Well, because of Jane's eczema issues right after bath consists of LOTS of lotions and ointments. So for most of her life she has gotten milk right after bath while she lays on her towel and we grease her up and dress her. She's in heaven and we get the job done.

Sarah-Olivia said...

Aaron threatened to use duct tape MANY times with Landon! I almost let him on a few occasions. One day he did use packing tape but I told him if he did that again, HE would have to be the one to change ALL the diapers for eternity (it took FOREVER to get that diaper off).