Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whatever Mimi Wants... Mimi gets

All smiles.

My Mom (aka Mimi) has requested more pictures. And.... after all, it is the least I can do after giving birth to her cutest granddaughter born in 2008. So, at her request, you can expect more pictures of sweet little Abigail.

Here is another favorite of mine.
It looks like the bear is coming after her.


Emily said...

i love that last photo. it is so funny..

Cathryn said...

She sure knows how to show off those TEETH!! She must be so proud of them! It was so hard to see Alyse's, These shots are so cute!

alli said...

hahaha, it DOES look like the bear is coming after her, that's so great. She is just so cute. I don't know if this is a post I missed yet or not but steven just forwarded to me the ellen show thing and I just about died laughing, that was so great! we already knew the story of course but that's so funny that it was on ellen...way to go!