Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Peek a boo

Abigail has always loved the surprise factor of playing peek-a-boo. She loves it when we pop out and scare her. One day a couple of weeks ago, while I was changing her diaper, she started playing with me, pulling her pants up over her face.

It was the cutest thing ever. (Come on, you know when your kids started doing it, you thought it was cute too)

Now she does it all the time. It is so funny, she shoves her face into anything she is close to. My leg, my chest, the ottoman, the floor, or she pulls anything she can find up over her face. It is funny to me, how long she will "hide" before she pops up too.

All you have to say is... "Where's Abigail??" and she will hide in the closest thing she can find. My favorite is when she actually puts her hands over her eyes.

I am loving this age.


alli said...

oh my goodness, she is so cute. we're already playing peekaboo with's probably a bit early, I know...but it IS so cute when they start playing back...which I guess we'll have to wait for for quite some time. She is getting so big!

oh and ps...I'll be mailing you your bella band soon, thanks so much for letting me borrow it!!!

Nancy John said...

Finally, more pictures! You really should post new pictures every day for Abigail's Mimi! I look everyday for new pictures. I can't wait to play Peek-a-boo with her!