Friday, April 24, 2009

We love Doc

Abigail loves Grandma Himmer's dog, Doc. She gets really excited to see him, but when he heads in her direction, she gets really nervous about it. He has been known to sneak in a nice little lick to the face when we aren't watching. Whenever he heads in her direction, she braces herself for it, but never moves. The pictures don't do it justice, her reaction is just too funny.

We have to play defense when we are over there to keep him from getting his kisses in :)


Texas Blad's said...

those are so funny! she looks like such a ham! We cannot wait to see you guys in JUNE!! WOOOHOOOOO!!

alli said...

that girl is too cute...that's a big dog, i think i'd be scared if i was her size too!