Monday, February 24, 2014

Ellie and Why I love Pictures

I cannot describe Ellie's personality in words. For those who know her well, you probably just let out a little laugh, or at least nodded your head.  She has so much personality bottled up in her little body. Bits of me, lots of Charles, and lots of things she does even remind me of some of her Aunts and Uncles.

So often, I take a picture of Ellie, and just smiling when I see it, and think, "That is SO Ellie." Charles says the same thing. 

No Pants.  That is so Ellie.
Fancy Dress Up.  So Ellie.
High heeled shoes of any size or style. So Ellie.
Cowgirl boots. So Ellie
Crazy.  Ellie.
Higher, Higher! Faster, Faster!
Stone faced.
Adrenaline Junky.
Full of love.
Ready to take back that love if you cross her.
and as so many sum her up... She is just a hot mess.

These all come to mind, but all seem so contradictory at the same time.  And THAT is why I love pictures.  I love being able to freeze in time these little girls who are growing up way too fast. I love trying to capture their joy, and excitement, and triumphs, and failures. I've set a goal to get my camera out more, and take more REAL pictures.  I am loving it. I can't imagine how soon these years will be gone, and how severely I will miss them. With all of the hardships of being a mother of 3 little girls, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Not Anything. I couldn't be more blessed.

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