Monday, February 24, 2014


Abigail decided that she wants to run a marathon.  We talked about how she can do it, and she decided that she wants to run one mile, 26 times- and when she is done, she should go to the store and buy a bracelet to celebrate.

So far, she is two miles down.

She started gymnastics this month and is loving that.  She will do handstands and cartwheels for anyone who will watch.  She also loves riding her bike, and rollerskating. 

She is my buddy.  She can get me giggling like only a few other people can. So many things about her remind me of myself that it is scary sometimes. She loves to laugh at Ellie and her shenanigans, and she likes to help with Hallie.  My favorite is when I hear Hallie wake up in the morning, and before I get out of bed, Abigail is in her room keeping her happy, and buying me a few more minutes of time in my warm comfy bed. She is surprising me with how well she is doing with her school work, and how excited she gets about new things.

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