Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

Sometimes I wish I could have someone recording us.  It would be really funny to watch myself and the girls as I try to do certain things with them.

Example: Carve Pumpkins.

Abigail has been dying to make a "Jack lantern" and yesterday was our last chance.  So I knew Charles wouldn't be home in time to help, and Ellie wouldn't take a nap, so I took on the challenge.

Abigail was totally into cleaning out the pumpkin seeds.

Ellie was totally grossed out by it.  She kept making faces and shivering, and finally put the top back on and called it quits.

Ellie found other things to keep her busy

This is the face Abi wanted on her Pumpkin
Abigail coached me through what to cut on each of the pumpkins.

What would have been the funniest part to watch, would have been me trying to get a cute picture of the girls with their jack-o-lanterns.  Ellie would not let me take away the box of wheat thins or goldfish that she had been toting around with her.  Abigail was telling me all kinds of different poses she wanted to do, "Tired, now bored, now scary, now excited..." By this point, Ellie was laying back on the concrete saying, "I TIRED..." And pretending to be asleep, and snoring.

Well, no one was there to record it, but replaying it in my mind is still pretty funny.  I hope at the very least, a nosey neighbor was watching through their blinds, making fun of my attempts.  

These silly girls keep me on my toes :)

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