Thursday, November 1, 2012

Evolution of Costumes

Ward Trunk or Treat: Abigail is Rainbow Dash, Ellie is Pinkie Pie.

Getting ready to go trick or treating:
Abigail is Rainbow Dash, Ellie is Pinkie Pie.

No, now Ellie is Twilight Sparkle, with Pinkie Pie's accessories.

Wait, Abigail just took away the Pinkie Pie accessories from Ellie because that is CLEARLY a no-no.
We don't mix ponies.

Now Ellie is... Just really ticked off.

Oh wait, we have that cute lamb costume.

Now Ellie is a lamb.  I think I'll add a little blush to her nose so she has a pink nose.

Abigail REALLY wants a pink nose too, but Rainbow Dash doesn't have a pink nose... CRAP.

Now Abigail is Pinkie Pie.  With a pink nose and cheeks.

And NOW, we are ready to go.

Note: There was no prompting these crazy faces.  They didn't even look at each other and they were doing the same things. Crazy girls.

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