Friday, November 16, 2012

Home on the Range

Charles had a business trip last week that took him to San Francisco for 4 days.  I'm always looking for an excuse to visit my family- and being at home alone with the girls was reason enough for me :)

One day, my Dad didn't have to work, so we loaded up in his truck and went out to one of Papa's ranches to see the cows. 

Ellie is OBSESSED with cows.  She loves them.  Whenever we are driving she looks out the window until she sees cows and then just starts yelling and pointing, "cows, cows, cows" Its pretty funny.  In fact, Yesterday on the way to preschool Ellie was freaking out about the cows and Abigail said, "Ellie, calm down! Yes, we understand, there are cows, huh?" Ellie just smiled and said, "Yeah." Pleased that Abigail acknowledged her.  Then Abi said, "Ellie do you get so excited because cows give us milk?" Ellie just laughed, "Cows... Milk... haha."

Anyway- The girls had fun exploring around with Pops and Uncle Daniel who was happy to take them on a tour.


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