Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Making a comeback.

I've been a pretty horrible blogger the last few months. Time to play catch up over the next few days. When we came back in January, Abigail started Preschool. She LOVES it. I love it. It is fun to have some time alone with Ellie, and on occasion, a little quiet time when Ellie is asleep while Abi is gone. Abi is a very social little lady, and loves getting to go play with friends twice a week. She fit right in and didn't look back.

I am naturally a really emotional person. No shocker to anyone who knows me well. I've been surprised how excited I have been for each of these new stages for Abigail, things that I think normally would be hard for me. She is growing up so fast. She is SO excited about each new thing she gets to do as she gets older, and I think I feed off of her excitement, it keeps me from getting weepy at the thought of Kindergarten in a year and a half...

Today we were driving to the store and had this conversation:
Abigail: "Hey Mom, when I get big, I won't have to go to the kids room at the gym anymore, huh?"
Me: "Oh yeah? Where will you go then?"
Abigail:"I will get to exercise with you! And I will get to buy the same clothes as you, and the same shoes, too, won't I?"
Me: Yes :)

I want to bottle her up and keep her just like this, and remember it when she gets older and teenage years present challenges. I couldn't help but think about my own Mom, and how much I hope I can be the kind of mom she has always been to me. Because at this point in life, there aren't too many people I would rather be around, and she is one of my best friends. I hope it is the same when my girls grow up.

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