Friday, March 16, 2012


Abigail has had a little bit of a hard time with Ellie lately. She tends to "ruin" everything Abi plays with. Its hard to get a 3 year old to understand that babies don't get the rules yet. As Ellie is getting bigger and understanding more, they are getting along better, and I am finally seeing a lot more moments of a budding friendship than the constant grumpies that have been around here lately. I love those moments, and hope they get more frequent.

Nobody can make Ellie laugh like Abi can.
When we take Abigail to preschool she always has to give Ellie a big hug and kiss, and when we pick her up, she runs to Ellie (not me, ahem) and gives her a big hug.
Abi loves introducing her 'baby sister' to anyone we meet.
Ellie loves giving Abigail big hugs and kisses.
They love dancing together.

Come to think of it... take toys out of the equation, and they are best buds.

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