Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cowgirl Abigail

Abi's preschool had a western day this week. They have been studying Texas this month, and to end the unit, they had pony rides, and a cook out lunch. Abigail has been really excited about it for weeks. We went to see her at her "radio" as she called it. She has gotten to ride a pony a couple of times, so she was telling people that this was her second radio. She's basically a professional cowgirl.
She looks the part, that's for sure.
Her "pandanna"
That's a YeeHaw, if I've ever seen one.

She selected a special necklace for the day.
This one was given to me by my parents when I got accepted to BYU.
My dad said, you can go away to school, but you just remember where your heart is, and hurry back. My mom said, "Go find you a Texan boy to marry."
Well, I didn't find a texan boy to my liking, so I made one instead.

Oh yeah, this little girl was interested in looking at the ponies. Nothing more.
Not characteristic of this fearless little babe.

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