Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fun with Daddy

Ellie is our thrill seeker. She loves to live on the edge.
She is constantly doing crazy things and getting hurt, or amazingly staying safe.
She climbed through every barricade we ever put at the bottom of the stairs.
She has NO fear.
She just giggles and begs for more when Charles throws her up in the air.

Abigail, on the other hand... is closer to my blood.
She is nervous about just about everything.
She took a long time to work up the nerve to go down slides.
Even now, when we go to the park, she has to work up to it.
She will sometimes ask for Charles to throw her up too.
Can you tell she really wants to like it, but is pretty terrified?
If not, take a look at the grip she has on his hoodie so she doesn't leave his arms.

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