Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our little Ellie

Sometimes I feel like this blog is all about Abigail.

The truth is- Ellie is a very "hands on" kind of a girl, if you know what I'm saying.

She likes to be held, she likes to stir up trouble.

It isn't very often that she is awake, and I am able to grab my camera.

Here is an example.
She loves climbing on the stairs. It makes me panic.

There is NO barricading this girl.

Another example:
We had a plain little silver magnet on the fridge. It had been glued to something but had come off. Its really hard to pick up because its small and hard to grab.

Ellie was playing with some other magnets and Charles put it down at her level and said,
"Here, this will keep you busy for a while. I can't even get that one off."

A few days later... Oh, whats that shiny disc in her poop... oh, nice. "Charles!!! She got it off!"

So, when Ellie is awake, she is under constant supervision ;)

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