Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Ellie Mae

The first year of life is a funny thing.

For the first few weeks, you are still wrapping your head around having a little one.
And you wonder if you will ever sleep again. Then before you even realize it, they aren't so tiny anymore. You are thrilled when they start to roll over. Sit up.

Then- holy crap, when did my baby get big enough to crawl? Eat solids?

Now she is One.
She is walking. She is jibber jabbering.
She is getting feisty.
(I wonder where she gets that.)

I can't believe a year is already gone.

I find myself wishing I had taken time to enjoy it more. It has been a little bit of a rough year for me, trying to figure out some health issues going on. This year has been full of blessings though, and having Ellie Mae join or family definitely tops the charts for the year.

She is walking. She just doesn't know it yet.
She can walk all the way across the room if she has the right motivation. Other than that, she is content crawling, or- holding on to someone's hands and steering them around as she walks.
At 11 months she was 24 lbs. We will see what her 12 month check brings.
She wears size 18 months clothes.
(Side note. I just had to make Abigail stop wearing her size 18 month coat so that Ellie could wear it.)
She wears size 3 or 4 shoes. Kind of in between.
She only takes a bottle before bed. And not for long.
She eats.
and eats.
and... Eats.
She is allergic to eggs. Kind of. They give her the worst diaper rash you've ever seen almost instantly. Probably something she will outgrow.
She also has a bad reaction to squash, and possibly other orange/yellow veggies.
Diary is still undetermined.
She does the cutest mean face on demand.
She bites Abigail when she is being mean to her.
She loves, loves, LOVES playing on the stairs.
She likes making a mess of the doll house.
She gets into everything.
She freaks out when you put her in her car seat, but is fine once she settles in.
She wants to be a big girl. She hates having to sit on the sidelines and watch Abigail do certain things, like her dance class.
She loves baths.
She sleeps about 13, sometimes 14 hrs at night. (with the occasional disruption of course)
She likes to sleep with her face buried in the corner of her crib.
So much more I could say about our Ellie.
She is wonderful.
She has made our family complete.

...............At least for now :)

I went through the last year and picked some of my favorite pictures of Ellie to put in a book.
Feel free to quit at any time, but I couldn't stop picking favorites.

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