Monday, December 12, 2011

The Birthday Party

Birthdays are a big deal to me.
I'm not really sure why. I think it must be because my parents always went out of their way to make us feel special and loved on our birthdays. That, and... buying gifts might be my favorite thing in the world. I feel like there is only one day a year that is ALL about you. It should be special.

I try to keep things toned down, especially for the first couple of birthdays when they don't know what is going on anyway. But any little thing I can do to make it special, I want to do it.

I was a little bummed when I woke up on Ellie's birthday feeling a little queezy. I didn't get to make a big deal out of it like I wanted to, but lucky for me, she didn't know the difference.

I wasn't feeling very well all day, but I did manage to make a cake for her.
She opened her presents with a little help.
The cake was enjoyed Ellie, Abi, and Daddy.
Ellie handled it much better than Abigail did on her first birthday. For Abigail, I made her a little bear cake that looked like a real bear, and it made her cry. Haha.
Ellie dove right in once she got a taste.

Watching the three of them eat the cake pushed me over the edge.
I spent the next 12 hours hugging the toilet.
So did Abigail. Now she thinks cake makes her throw up.
I'm not telling her it doesn't, either.

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Lindsay Himmer said...

I love that Ellie actually liked the cake! Also, your new header is adorable! I love it!