Sunday, November 2, 2008


It is funny how things change from year to year. Friday night we were all excited for our first Halloween in our new house. We live in a neighborhood with kids and were excited to see them in their costumes. I bought a mondo bag of candy ready for some frightful trick or treaters, hopeful that this might also provide an opportunity to meet some of the neighbors that we haven't met yet. Plus, this gave us a fun way to have Abigail in her costume and show her off to people that came by.

Abigail was sick, and cried most of the night.

We had TWO trick or treaters.

We actually only got them because we called and requested that Charles's mom bring Sam and his friend by so that we could give SOMEONE some of our candy. We put Abigail in her costume only long enough to snap a picture with her Uncle Sammy.

After we put Abigail to bed, and turned off the front porch light, defeated, I took a moment to reflect back on the previous Halloween.

I reminded Charles of how different our Halloween was just one year ago:

We were living in a basement apartment of a house and figured- no one even knows we live down here, so we probably won't get any trick or treaters. I was upstairs talking to our neighbors a few days before Halloween and she offered a bag of their candy to us because they had a lot, and that way we would have some on the chance that someone came by.

It was a bag of Twix.

We ate them.


On the night of Halloween, we thought, eh... no one is going to come down here. Not long after that, we heard the doorbell ring upstairs and the predictable "TRICK OR TREAT!" Then we heard our neighbor say- make sure to go downstairs, they have candy too.


We quickly turned off all the lights and got as quiet as we could. We spent the night in the dark of our bedroom watching movies, and wishing we had a few Twix left to indulge in.

This year we sat wishing we had bought Twix. Instead we bought candy we didn't like so that we would actually have candy for Halloween.

Funny how things change.


Em said...

that is a great story! I just read it to luke and we got a good laugh.

Kyle said...

Ha ha isn't ironic. I love the pictures of Abigail. She is such a cutie. We miss you guys.

kim said...

Heather you crack me up!!! Abigail is so adorable - I love that little costume.

alli said...

Hahaha, great post. I love how in life things never turn out how you think they will...that's at least the story of my life! What funny stories it makes though. We wish we could have seen her, cranky and all...she looks so cute!