Sunday, November 9, 2008

Foot in mouth by who? CHARLES?? no...

Some of you know my husband, some of you aren't so lucky. There are a couple of things you should know about him:

#1- he really is the most caring, loving, "never hurt a fly" kind of guy.
#2- you'd never know that by the things he says to me sometimes.
#3- He can't control himself in situations with unlimited food... ward parties especially.

These three things have come together for many funny stories thus far in our marriage, one of which happened Friday night.

We had our ward Chili Cook off and Pie contest. We weren't sure if we were going to be able to make it, so I hadn't signed up to bring anything. When we decided to go, I felt bad that we weren't taking anything to share. So I had Charles grab some rolls from Costco. When we walked in, we saw that each table had a really big bowl of rolls right in the middle. So we sheepishly hid ours in the diaper bag.

Now on to the party: If you have ever eaten chili with me, you will probably remember me picking out every kidney bean in the mix. I'm not a big chili eater. Charles on the other hand, was in his element. He came back the first time from the line with four bowls of chili. He went back again, and brought another big bowl of his favorite sampling, and with a plate with four sample cups (about the size of one spoon full) for me. They were empty. He informed me that he didn't have an extra hand to get me any chili. So I laughed, and went to get something to eat. Well, about four bites of chili. That was plenty for me, since they were all very beany, and I didn't want to pick them out at the ward party.

Then it was time for the pie contest. Charles came back from the dessert table with 3 pieces of pie. Needless to say, Charles was very full and satisfied by the time we left, and raved about Chili the whole way home.

When we got home, I was putting away our 3 dozen rolls that hadn't been eaten, and decided to take one for myself, because I was still pretty hungry. Charles walked in right as I was indulging. His face was appalled as he said, "Honey! You are STILL HUNGRY after ALL THAT?" I gave him a look, and gasped at his remark. After assessing the situation without skipping a beat, Charles began his recovery "No, I mean... that's sexy babe, 'cause guys love to eat, so when you do..." As he realized he was digging himself deeper, we both burst into laughter. I then explained to him how our experiences had been very different. He had been too busy going crazy with the chili and pie, to notice how much, or how little, I had eaten.

Then he told me I had to write a blog about this, because it was just one of those moments you have to share. And I think he was pretty proud of the cover he came up with.


Kyle & Alissa said...

Oh that is a classic Charles moment. Gotta love him, and we do. You too Heather and Abigail.

alli said...

Hahahah! That's so funny...I miss laughing anding busting my gut (is that the right term?...that sounds gross) at stuff you guys say/do...this was great!

Em said...

That is FUNny!

Kristen said...

hey i would LOVE to! let me know a specific date. i'll be out of school by then, so my days will pretty much be open and i'm not going anywhere for the holidays. if all of these dates fill up, i'm probably going to open up some more for people who aren't looking for actually christmas card pictures and just want fam pictures. i'll let you know my availability as the time gets closer! what a great chance to catch up IN PERSON!! :)

Baxter Bugs said...

Great cover up.