Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mr. Fix It

Sometimes it is really nice to have a handy man of a husband. We had a leaky faucet in our bathroom, and instead of having to call a plumber to fix the leak, Charles took matters into his own hands.

He didn't tell me how he was going to do it, he just did it, and informed me that our faucet didn't drip anymore. It just so happens... its unusable now.

About 10 minutes later I went to give Abigail a bath and saw the handy work of my husband, and saw the drip continue... it actually looked like a faster drip than before, actually. I told him it was dripping again, and his response, in an irritated voice, "Well, did you touch it??"

The man knows his computers, but... well, we all have our strengths.


knjfabela said...

So funny! That looks like a repair job my husband would do.

Texas Blad's said...

J isn't a repair man either! It's OK though, repair men don't make much!

alli said...


Baxter Bugs said...

Love it!

How nice of him to love you enough to fix it.

(If Abigail is getting rank from lack of bath, Mr. Right can help fix it.)