Monday, September 10, 2012

We left something behind...

The purpose of the trip was to take Scott off to BYU-Hawaii for fall semester.
So glad we got to go spend time with this weirdo before he starts college, and head off for his mission.

I was trying to explain to Abigail that Scott was staying in Hawaii for college. Grandma chimed in, "Yeah, Scott is the lucky one. He gets to stay here!"

Abigail quietly said to me, "Scott isn't the lucky one, I am.  I get to go home with my whole family.  I would miss Ellie so much if I had to stay here without her, I would cry and cry and never stop."

Ok, she melts my heart. And I informed Charles that if our kids want to stay at home for their whole lives, I will encourage it. Because when they leave, I will definitely cry and cry and never stop.

Grandma and Baba handled it better than I would have :)

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