Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sales Pitch ;)

A few months ago I got hooked on Norwex.

A good friend of mine found out about this line of household cleaning supplies that are completely free of harsh chemicals.  I decided to jump on board the "clean without chemicals" party bus, and let me tell you- I fell in love.

I am not naturally just a really neat and clean person.  I have never liked cleaning, and taking any of the little bit of free time that I have to clean rarely happened.  With the Norwex line of products, I am able to keep my house clean and sanitary with very little time or effort, and I can include my kids in the cleaning process without being concerned about their contact with any cleaning chemicals.

Norwex provides a line of ANTIBACTERIAL microfiber cloths that can be used for cleaning. Seriously? Antibac cloths? I didn't buy it at first.  Their cloths are unique because they contain silver, which is a natural antibacterial agent, who knew? So you can use a cloth to clean a room, bathroom, whatever- and then rinse it out, hang it to dry, and use it again- over and over again.  All you use to clean with is the cloth and water.  Raw chicken on the counter, no big deal, just water and a norwex cloth and its totally sanitary.  Then just rinse the cloth and hang it up. By the time its dry, the silver has killed any bacteria.

Since I bought Norwex for the first time about 6 months ago, I have not used any cleaning chemicals at all in my home, and it is cleaner than it has EVER been.  I can have Abigail clean the kitchen table after a meal, or mop the floors (their mop makes mopping a piece of cake and really fast).  I can totally clean the bathroom while the girls are playing in the bath tub.  Seriously- just love how quick and easy it is to keep a clean house with this stuff around. The window cloth is amazing.  Confession: In our last house, we lived there for just about a year and a half and I never cleaned the windows once, until I got my norwex window cloth about a month before we moved.  I HATE cleaning windows.  Now, I see a smudge and I have to clean it because its so stinkin' easy and quick!  My friend that told me about them, had a daughter with brain cancer.  She found Norwex on her search for a way to keep the house sanitary without using chemicals while her little girl went through her treatments.  She knew her immune system would be weak and any bacteria in the house could easily cause infection.  She used nothing but Norwex to sanitize her house, and her daughter was kept free from infection throughout her extensive treatments.

They have lots of other products in addition to the microfiber cleaning cloths.  Towels (hang them to dry and they need to be washed VERY seldomly). Normal kitchen cloths, I use the same one all week and it doesn't ever get smelly!  They have antibac body cloths that you can use for baths, showers, or removing your makeup without needing to use any soap or makeup remover.  They have kids stuff, personal care items, dish soap, laundry soap... all kinds of stuff.  I had to become a distributor just so that I wouldn't go broke trying all of the different things :)

If you are interested in hosting a party- they have GREAT hostess rewards where you are sure to get lots of free products for yourself, just let me know and we can set it up.  

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