Monday, November 7, 2011

Sea World

We went to Sea World on Saturday.
It was a big hit.

We all had a blast. The shows were really cool.
I was afraid they wouldn't entertain the girls, but they loved them and so did Charles and I.
Here are the girls, totally in to the Sea Lion show.

We will be going back LOTS over the next year, so if anyone wants to go, let us know and come for a visit. It was a big hit for the whole family.

Abigail ate it up. There was a Sesame Street show, and she got to meet a lot of the Sesame Street characters. I think one of her favorite things was climbing up this big net they had and "pretending to be monkeys with Daddy." She keeps talking about it.

She also LOVED the carousel. It was the only ride I did with her, and the whole time she just kept saying, "This is SOO FUN!" And the occasional, "Giddy- up! I'm a cowgirl, YEEEHAAWW."

Ellie was a trooper too. She was having diaper rash issues
(...again- that's a whole post in and of itself, Yeah, a diaper rash that is blog worthy. It was just that bad) but she was a good sport and had fun.

I think her highlight was seeing Azul the Beluga whale up close, she just kept touching him and giggling.
(You can thank that diaper rash for how tired I look)
Seeing how much the girls loved it made me REALLY excited to take them to Disney World, some day- but for now, we will milk our annual pass to Sea World for all it is worth.

I didn't get any good pictures of the shows, because I kind of had my hands full. Next time I hope to get some of the animals. The last thing we saw before we went to the last show of the day was the sharks and the aquarium. Abigail like that too :)

I'd recognize that frizzy, curly silhouette anywhere.

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