Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bragging Rights

My husband is awesome.

Can I just brag, because I am going to.

Ok, we moved to Austin a year ago- kind of on a whim. The company he was working for was less than fantastic. He got a job offer. I was a month shy of my due date with Ellie, and although I was excited to be back in Texas- we were sad to leave our friends and family in Gig Harbor, and quite frankly, a little scared of the relocation. We prayed about it and felt like it was the right decision, and we packed up and moved 2 weeks later.

The job seemed like a good job. We hoped it would be what Charles expected. He was pretty nervous about going to work for a big company. After all, his prior experience had been working with his Dad, and then working for a small start up with about 10 employees.

Well, it has far surpassed our expectations. It is an AWESOME job, with an amazing company.

And... my husband is a rockstar there ;)

He has been there for a year.

2 weeks after he started, we had Ellie. 2 weeks off for paternity leave... oh, and a huge gift card to Target from his team. Thanks :)

As much time off as he wants, as long as he gets his work done. They encourage 4-6 weeks off.
Um... heck yeah.

He gets cell phone reimbursement, an "education allowance" for books or conferences, a wellness account, free massages once a month, and 2 fully stocked kitchens in the office with free food.

They have a "Science Fair" twice a year. It is basically a big engineering innovation competition. They have had 2 Science Fairs since Charles started a year ago. About 100 participants in each competition. Charles has won the grand prize... TWICE.


He won a Star Performance award a couple of months ago.

He has been promoted to a senior level position.

Last week they had their big yearly "all hands" meeting. About a month before the meeting, they send out an email asking for employees to nominate individuals who exemplify the culture of Bazaarvoice. There are over 700 employees. They gave out 5 awards.

Charles won the award for Innovation and Generosity.

Each of the awards he has won have come with cash prizes, and the Culture Award came with shares of stock.

It is awesome to have Charles working for a company that realizes his potential and values his input greatly. The last company he worked for was one of those, like most, where they squeeze the life out of you and pay you as little as they possibly can.

Not Bazaarvoice. No way. They have been voted the best place to work in Austin, year after year. It is no secret why.

They are awesome... mainly because they agree, that Charles is awesome.

Anyone looking for a job? Because for real... it doesn't get much better.

Ok, I'm done bragging. :)


Miss Chelsey said...

Seriously glad you bragged! That is awesome Heather! Can't wait to pass this on to my family :) I'm so happy for you guys!

Lindsay said...

Heather, here I am trying to talk Andrew out moving us to Austin, away from all of our family and everything we are used to, and you have to go make it all sound so wonderful!

Darn it.