Monday, November 7, 2011

The Diaper Rash worth writing about.

Ellie got a diaper rash about 5 weeks ago.

It was bad. Really bad.

I took her to the doctor after I had tried everything, and things started getting bloody (TMI??).

She prescribed some creams.

It got worse.

It got a little better, then worse again.

I tried more things. Like... letting her go without a diaper while she was teething and had diarrhea (TMI, again, yeah... probably)

After about 3 and a half weeks of horror, we went to visit my family for a weekend. As we got there, it was on another downward spiral to terrible and bloody. We left the girls with my parents for a night so we could go to a football game, and so I could regain a bit of sanity.

My sister is a nurse at an urgent care clinic. I got a call as we were walking into the stadium, that Courtney was heading to her clinic with Ellie, she took one look at it and knew it needed something more. She got a new prescription cream, and oral antibiotics.

Things got better, little by little. By about a week later, there was only one open sore still healing (are you getting the idea here, it was bad.)

Then, hello downward spiral. The red rash started its cycle again. Saturday night, after two days of it, I was up in the middle of the night, holding a screaming Ellie (and crying, myself) and it hit me.

All week, Ellie hadn't had any dairy or eggs. Friday morning, I made eggs for breakfast. Friday afternoon, she had some yogurt and some yogurt melts. Saturday morning I added a teeny bit of milk to her oatmeal.


No Eggs. No Dairy.

Plus, I went out and bought organic diapers, wipes, and super sensitive baby wash.

Sunday... a little better.

Today- things are good, still healing from the brunt of it, but she doesn't scream bloody murder when I change her diaper. And THAT, is a beautiful thing.

I have never felt so bad and so helpless. She was in so much pain, and happened to be cutting two teeth during all of this on top of it. It was horrendous though. I could share pictures, I won't, but I have them. I had to start taking daily pictures to track how things progressed and healed from day to day.

So now, after 5 weeks of.... I really can't even think of a word- and after hundreds of dollars on creams of every kind, we are on to the life of food journaling for an 11 month old to figure out the allergies.

But thank GOODNESS for happy babies and happy hineys.

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Randy and Andria said...

:( how sad. i'm glad you are figuring things out though. natalie gets bad rashes when she's teething, and my doctor recommended mixing desitin with maalox and vaseline. maalox is an antacid so it helps soothe the acidity in the diarrhea. i know her rashes haven't been as bad as ellie's, but this has really worked for natalie so i thought i'd pass on the info. miss you!