Saturday, December 8, 2012

Somebody got a new bicycle

Now, before you go judging us for getting Abi a new bike a month before Christmas... hear me out.

Our girls play outside and ride bikes just about every day.  I say ride bikes, but up until now they would ride bike.  We only had one.  They would share, or fight, or pile on together.  With Ellie's bday coming up, we were planning on getting her a bike of her own, but decided it would be smarter to move Abigail on to a bigger bike since the one we have is perfect for Ellie now, and Abigail is big enough to move on.  We debated waiting until Christmas, but we had already gotten the girls Christmas present, and are trying to keep the gifts to a minimum this year so we can focus more on what is important.

So alas, Abigail got a new bicycle (Be warned: It is not a BIKE. She is adamant that there is a difference and hers is most definitely a bicycle.)  She loves it :)

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