Friday, December 7, 2012

"Pops, do you have any wood?"

One of the many reasons I just LOVE my dad:

One of the mornings that we were visiting for Thanksgiving, Abigail got up and went to my dad and said, "Pops, do you have any wood?" He told her he did. So she asked if he could make her a bed for her dolls.  They went to work and a few hours later, she had a rocking cradle to take home and play with.

It was fun to watch her help him, and fun to see my dad just whip it out in no time.  I haven't gotten a good picture of the finished product yet, partly because it isn't totally finished.  We still need to paint it with the pink and glitter paint she picked out for it.  This week we did make a mattress, pillow, sheets, and a blanket for it, per her request, and she is loving it.

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