Monday, August 29, 2011

The Experienced Traveler

We spent the weekend in North Texas for a few different reasons.
We had fun visiting family, as we always do.

Abigail is always really excited to go visit anyone, or to have visitors come to our house. She looks forward to it for a long time. She packed her suitcase for me this time. I opened it up and she had a few toys, the entire contents of her "bottoms" drawer (skirts, shorts, capris, pants). And a shirt. She was all ready to go.

I had to secretly repack for her, and then we were ready to go, just waiting for Daddy to get home so we could leave.

Before we drove back, I was trying to get Abigail to go potty. She insisted that she didn't need to, and I kept pushing it. Explaining that we would have to stop at a yucky gas station if she didn't go now. She stuck to her guns, and I knew there was no reason to keep pushing it.

Well, we made it home, without a stop, then while she was going potty- she looked at me and pointed her finger at me and said,
"See, I told you we wouldn't have to go at a yucky gas station."

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knjfabela said...

I love it when you try to make a point and it backfires. Kaiya always tells me when I say something and it doesn't come to pass. Cute story!