Sunday, November 7, 2010

We're Back

I've been a very absent blogger lately. So absent that some of you might not know the big things that have happened for us the last couple of months. Two weeks ago, we packed up all of our things- put them in a trailer, and sent them to Texas. We followed (by air) to Austin, TX where we took up residence in three hotels within one week and started a frantic search for a more permanent residence for our family before Charles started his new job at Bazaarvoice a week ago.

Thank goodness we found something quickly, and were able to move into a house last weekend. Spending time couped up in a hotel is no life... but try to explain that to a two year old who got to go swimming, and who watched more TV than I would like to admit.

We are now totally unpacked and even had our first visitors this weekend, YAY! We got to spend the weekend with my parents, sister, and nephew. We had a lot of fun and are glad to have them so much closer now. Abigail loved all the attention she got, and had to wear the backpack Mimi gave her to church today.

We really like Austin so far. The area around where Charles works is really pretty. Lots of green, trees, and hills. We live in a new neighborhood that has lots of kids and lots of friendly families. Our first night we laughed that we had talked to our neighbors more here than we ever did in two years before. Our ward seems really great too. They have a lot to compete with after what we just left, but already we have been welcomed with open arms and lots of love and support. The best part of the ward so far... THE NURSERY. Abigail goes right in, and stays and has a great time. I can't tell you what a relief that is.

Abigail loves the park that is close by. We love the sunny weather that allows us to play outside almost every day. It has been a little chilly last week, but still really nice weather for putting on some cozy clothes and going out.

Charles new job is looking like a really great move for him. So far he loves the company and the culture they have there. He spent all of last week doing orientation and getting to know more about the company itself, and will start training for his position this week. They had a company party friday night, and I got to meet a lot of people he'll be working with. That was fun. I'm really excited for him and the opportunities he'll have there.

Aside from all of that... we are doing good. All the craziness didn't put me into labor :) I'm still on the hunt for a doctor here. I'm hoping to get in this week- we are getting down to crunch time. Now that I am up to date on where we are now... I will back track for a few posts to fill in our last few weeks in Gig Harbor.


Janiel said...

Oh I'm so glad you like it there! I miss you though :)

knjfabela said...

So glad the move went well and you guys are getting settled. Moving for us was the best thing for Kaiya and nursery also. She loves her teacher and tells me to leave.