Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our little runner

The Rotary Club here hosted a big running event yesterday. They had a 10 miler, 2 miler, and a fun run for kids. I wish I could say that Charles and I ran the 10 miler... but that would be a big fat lie. Instead, we slept in, and made it just in time to let Abigail do the toddler fun run. We weren't too sure what she would think.

She got stretched...
She got her game face on.
She scoped out the competition...

...and she LOVED it.

She was dressed in the proper attire, which I think made a big difference.

When they first took off from the start, she just stood there pointing at everyone else saying, "GIRL RUNNING! BOY RUNNING! Running, daddy, mommy, RUNNING!" Then we helped her get going and the whole time she ran the lap around the parking lot, any time we passed by someone, she would say, HI, ABI RUNNING!

She was SO excited the whole time. She even made a come back and passed a little boy, so she didn't come in last place. She crossed the finish line with Grandma and Uncle Scott, and got all of her prizes.

Then she grabbed Charles' hand and said, Again!! So we spent the next 30 minutes running around with her. Then we got to go get her face painted, and she got a balloon elephant made for her. It was a really fun morning. We will definitely participate more in it next year. Maybe even venture out on that 10 miler.

I'm not SURE, but I think if Abigail keeps up her training, she could do it too. I mean... you've seen her legs right? TOTALLY a runners build.

To see ALL the pictures from our day, click here.


Klaas and Janiel said...

YAY - Her little running outfit is great!!

alli said...

Heather and charles....I can't stop laughing at her game face and scoping out the competition pictures...too funny! looks like a lot of fun!

alli said...

oh my gosh, those pictures are hilarious...I think that's Steven that wrote that if it's me Alli but this is really Alli...and she has the most hilarious facial expressions. That would be been so funny to see!! Go Abi!

knjfabela said...

So cute and what a fun family day. Love the sweat band totally makes the outfit.