Friday, June 11, 2010

When we're helping, we're happy :)

This week we got after our carpets and got them looking like new. It took some work and some serious scrubbing in a few places, but it is done and the carpets look a ton better. We couldn't have done it without our number one helper. Abigail supervised Charles with the carpet cleaner. My favorite part about her doing this was hearing her every couple of minutes saying, "Hi, Daddy! HI! Backpack, backpack. Hi Daddy."

Then she'd get down and help me scrub out the stains.

That's right... I had our almost 2 year old scrubbing the floor
with a tooth brush. And she loved it :) Guess she will be a clean freak like her mom.

Yeah, if you have ever lived with me... you'll see the humor in that statement.

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The Barrett Family said...

What a cute little helper! She is a doll.