Monday, October 19, 2009

My little sicky

Abigail had the flu last week. It was not a fun week for her :( I kind of enjoyed all the snuggle time we got together, but I was happy to see her start to run around and giggle again. She's still not back 100%, but she is doing a LOT better. She had a 103 temp for 3 days before it finally came down. Now she is just sleeping a TON. Saturday night she went to sleep at 6, and slept in until almost 10 on Sunday morning... when WE woke her up.
She was VERY attached to four things: her pacifier, her 2 "dolls"- as pictured,
and to my delight, her mama :)

This is when she had started feeling better and at least wanted SOMETHING
to do other than lay on me and look at the wall for hours and hours.
I knew she was on the mend when she started laying there with me and slowly pulling the blanket over her head to play peek-a-boo with me to pass the time.


Texas Blad's said...

Poor little thing! Nothing is worse than when they are sick :(
I am glad she's feeling a little better.

alli said...

oh, poor sweet baby. i'm glad she's feeling better!