Thursday, September 3, 2009

Must Haves

Everything she just can't live without.

Babydoll we swiped from Mimi... Check
Teddy bear that cousin Annie picked out... Check
Little blankie... Check...
Baby Quilt... Check

These are all the things that you MUST have together for Abigail to go to sleep. The only exception is the teddy bear. It's an added bonus, but not always completely necessary. The best part about it is... She also has to round them all up after the nap like she is doing here. She makes sure they are all present and accounted for, and then has to make the toughest decision of her day. Does she want to hold onto all the toys... or reach up for mom??

Just a sneak peak into what every day is like with this little one:)
I'm just lovin' every minute!


ambyr said...

so cute! Can't believe how bug she's getting!! having a girl is sooo much fun!!!

Klaas and Janiel said...

That's cute of her to have her lit' gang with her :)

Katherine and Brad said...

ha she is too cute!!!!!! i love that.

alli said...

oh man, how could you NOT love every minute with that sweet face? I love it...I am just getting Evie's quilt finished, what a lame mom i am!