Friday, September 18, 2009


Abigail is getting creative with finding ways to stay busy while I cook dinner. She tears through the tupperware spreading it all over the kitchen in no time at all. She has found that the measuring cups are fun to bang together... for a few minutes. But yesterday, she realized that the bottom drawer is easy to open, easy to empty, and REALLY fun to climb inside.

In fact, last night she climbed in, and I couldn't find her anywhere.

Can you find her? Where's Abigail??


Alison said...

man heather, she is so cute! that top picture looks exactly like you!!

Fancy ;-) said...

I love Love LOVE the creativity of this precious little girl. This has brought a smile to my face and a much better ending to my night than the dull blind-date I endured earlier. HUGS to Y'ALL! Keep 'em coming :-)