Friday, March 20, 2009

Mr. Teddy

Abigail has grown quite fond of Mr. Teddy Bear. She likes the big one that we have a lot. I think her favorite part about him is his voice (as created by Charles and I). It is really funny to hear "Mr. Bear" talking from another room in the house. I know Charles is amused by it in the same way I am. The first time he heard the teddy bear voice, he was in another room and asked, "Was that the teddy bear voice?" After I told him it was, in fact, the teddy bear speaking, he was impressed, "Wow, you can make your voice really low." haha... yes, it is true, one of my many talents. I do a great teddy bear voice. Charles has picked up on it too, and Abigail seems quite entertained by it.


Brittany Alyse Voss said...

"is that the teddy bear voice??" haha you guys are so cute!!! I love it! Abigail is adorable in these pictures! What a happy little girl!

alli said...

I just caught myself up on all of your blogs and that girl just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Those teddy bear ones are so great. And I also love the sleeping one where she's all sprawled out on the couch, that's so funny!