Monday, March 9, 2009


This is from a while ago but Charles reminded me that I never blogged about it, and I think it is blog worthy, FOR SURE. Here is another reason why being married to Charles Himmer is full of excitement and surprises.

When we got home from our Christmas trip to Texas, we discovered that we'd had an intruder in our house while we were gone. This pest had gotten into our newly opened 20 lb bag of rice. He had left little pellets all around our house, including Abigail's crib. We were at least happy at the size of the pellets. We could tell, it couldn't be bigger than a mouse.

First of all, what the CRAP was that mouse doing in Abigail's crib? And second... was it really necessary to leave droppings there? That just ticked me off.... And made me nervous to let Abigail ever sleep in her crib again. But we have gotten over that now.

Anyway, we heard the little creature up in our attic every night as we were putting Abigail down for the night. We heard him scratching around above our heads while we tried to go to sleep. Charles informed me that there was "No way" he was sticking his head up there to get him.

One night, we were up a little later than normal, and had left a cookie sheet out on the counter (no cookies on it, we never leave cookies on a cookie sheet, just for pest control reasons of course). I heard a sudden clanking in the kitchen and alerted Charles. He s l o w l y walked down the long hallway to the kitchen, with MY shoe in his hand. What he was planning on doing with that, I'm not totally sure. When he peeked his head around the corner of the kitchen, the mouse shuffled again, and sent Charles running back down the hall, with a, "Holy Crap!"

Me: "What? Did he come after you or something?"-- This was my logical deduction from his reaction. It must be a rabid mouse.

Charles: "No, it just made a sound."

haha... The next day Charles created this contraption.

That's right. Your standard- toilet paper tube, with peanut butter and cheese in it. As the mouse goes after the cheese, it is sure to tip the tube, and thanks to our friend, gravity, the mouse will be trapped in the trash can, atop a chair.

Charles actually unrolled the toilet paper from that roll so that he could do this.

He brought me in to show me and declared with confidence, "I bet we'll have us a mouse within a couple of hours."

Two nights later, for our date night we went and bought rat poison.

And that was the end of that.


C-money said...

The problem was the mouse was too stupid to find the cheese, because I'm 100% confident it would have worked, had the mouse found the trap.

Heather and Nick said...

hahahaha. you guys are so awesome. Thank you for entertaining me for the past 6 minutes. SO funny! Im glad you finally caught it. Maybe you guys could get a patton for that contraption charles built... you'd be millionaires!

mspaze31 said...

What an awesome rat trap. I'm surprised it didn't work! :-)

Kristi said...

This story is hillarious! I will spare you the nasty details of our mouse trial, but I can totally relate to the running back down the hallway and jumping into bed as if an enormous rabid monster were coming after me!

alicia said...

I am sitting here in my house laughing my head off! Josh is looking at me very strangely! That was hysterical...

C-money said...

@mspaze31 Trust me it would have worked had the mouse found it. I think I used the wrong type of cheese ;)

Cheri said...

This is so funny! I feel responsible for Charles' mouse interactions. I'm sure it has something to do with reading him the Ralph S. Mouse series. I just finished it again with Sam and Ralph falls off the nightstand into a garbage can. Charles, just remember that only works in story books!

C-money said...

I'm telling you people, it would have worked in real life too had the mouse found it.