Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Away

This weekend Abigail and I took a little weekend trip down to Utah to go to Andria's wedding (my old roommate). It was a very quick, very busy trip, but we got to see a few friends and family in the two days we were there. Abigail did great, but we were both worn out when we got home yesterday. We really wish we could have seen a few more people when we were there, but we simply had NO time to make the rounds. Hopefully we will make it down sometime soon where we get to see more family and friends.

These are from a quick stop I made by Abi's great-grandma Himmer's house were she got to meet a little bit more family for an hour before I hit the airport.

Andria, Bonnie, and us- Bonnie was mine and Andria's boss at BYU. She is an INCREDIBLE woman that I learned so much from and really love and respect. I am so grateful to have such a great job and to be able to work with such amazing people.

Liz- one of my old roommates
Me and Alyssa

Kyle, Alissa, and H-Factor
Me and Henry
Abi with her Aunt Andria :)


Melissa Wilson said...

I just LOVE her little red shoes! So cute!

Em said...

That H-Factor is a cutie pie! Abi ain't too bad either! ;) I cannot believe you braved that by yourself! wow! Go Heather!

alli said...

Oh man! We SO wish we could have seen you...It's funny too how we live right down the little street thing from Kyle and we still didn't see was crazy for us last weekend too...we really missed out going to Andria's reception as well. It looks like you had lots of fun with your whirlwind trip though! We'll catch you the next time you're here!

Emily said...

I AM SO GLAD YOU POST PICTURE OF THE WEDDING!! I am so sad that i missed that. and sad that i miss my shot to meet that cute baby girl