Friday, July 26, 2013

Turning Five, something worth celebrating

Abigail had her 5th birthday last week.  It was a big one.  Charles said I went overboard... I told him to shut it ;) Her party request was for a mermaid swimming party, and thats just what we did.  It was perfect.  Everyone swam and had fun, and there is nothing that Abigail loves more that swimming in the summertime sun.  The weather was really nice too, so it wasn't too hot for those of us who didn't dive in.  We played a couple of games at Abigail's request: Sea horse races (on pool noodles), and a seashell hunt in the mermaid lagoon.  That was just enough organization and the rest of the time they just played and swam in the water and I got to catch up with a few friends that we haven't seen in a while. Her actual birthday was Sunday, so we kept it pretty low key.  We had the missionaries over for dinner and she loved that.

Abigail on her birthday in her new dress, getting whacked by Ellie

Since she was up way to early to get breakfast in bed, she requested lunch in bed instead.

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Pheobe Alverson said...

Thanks for inviting Britta to the mermaid party! We had a great time. I love that Abigail wanted lunch in bed. Ha!