Sunday, December 5, 2010

Right on Time

Please welcome...
Ellie Mae Himmer
Born November 30, 2010
6:12 am

Here is a bit of the story of how things happened. I was due December 4th, 10 days after my original due date of November 23rd. So, from the beginning... I have been pulling for a late November baby. My doctor was very kind, and offered to relieve me early with an induction on Tuesday, the 30th. I graciously agreed to that. I was scheduled to go in at 6:30 am and go from there. After a little false alarm on Thanksgiving morning, (thanks Mom, Dad, and Courtney for getting up extra early, driving the 3.5 hrs to Cedar Park, making us Thanksgiving dinner... and waiting around for a whole lot of nothing to happen.) I was ready for things to happen Tuesday. My mom drove down after she got out of school and got things all ready on Monday night. She got here about 10:00 pm. When she got here I said, "ooh.... Mom, I have been kind of having some pretty intense contractions for about the last hour." I think after my Thanksgiving day false alarm... I wasn't too convincing. By 11, I was in intense pain, and had steady contractions coming 2 minutes apart. Off to the hospital we went.

I'll save you the labor details, other than... OUCH. I think if there weren't such a thing as an epidural... I might die during labor. Maybe I am a major wuss, but bring on the massive needle. As my friend put it, I like the princess package when it comes to child birth. One wonderful part about this delivery was, once it was time to push, things were a piece of cake. Two and a half pushes and out she came.

She was born 18 minutes before I was scheduled for induction. We are so happy to have her here, finally! Abigail couldn't be more sweet with her. She loves her baby sister. She is fascinated by all of the baby things around the house. I love seeing her in her new roll as a big sister.

We named her after my grandmother, Ila Mae, who passed away just a few short weeks ago. She was an amazing woman who I hope that Ellie can emulate as she grows.

I told Charles... surely she was given a warning in the pre-existance that she will be subjected to many, many obnoxious photo shoots by her mother. I'm guessing she agreed to it.


mspaze31 said...

Yay! congrats Heather!

Janiel said...

Beautiful baby!!

Dallin and Erin Jo said...

Congratulations, Heather! She is beautiful as are the pictures :)