Sunday, January 17, 2010

So... what did YOU do this weekend?

I think Charles took my last post as a challenge. How dare I say that we have had nothing going on that was worth blogging about? He made sure that I would have something for my readers to enjoy today.

Thursday he informed me that he had planned a special date for us and that it was a surprise. All he told me was that we needed to be in Seattle at 3:30 Saturday, and needed to be dressed in comfy workout clothes. I went through all of our normal date options... grocery shopping, Dinner, play basketball, popcorn and a TV show... I know, you are all jealous of how we spend our childless nights lately, there was even our fancy anniversary date to Home Depot and the mall- we were actually completely thrilled about. None of those seemed to fit the description, or the need for the drive to Seattle, so I was totally clueless.

Lucky for me, Charles can't keep a secret to save his life, so by Thursday night, he had completely divulged his plan. He filled me in that he had already paid for and scheduled for us to have a flying trapeze lesson in Seattle on Saturday.

Yes. You read that right.

My first thought? Hmm... how can I pick just one? Has he lost his mind? Doesn't he know I am terrified of heights? Can he get his money back? Would it hurt his feelings if I am not thrilled about this leap of faith? And my final verbalized thought to my husband... "That sounds, fun?"

I had to call Mom and Courtney immediately. They would get a kick out of it for sure.

What I was not prepared for was one of the most fun nights with my husband that we have had together in a REALLY long time. We had a blast, and Charles was actually REALLY good at it. So, for your viewing pleasure... our circus act of a family on the flying trapeze. I'll show 2 of our first tries, and then our last ones. Charles made the "catch" to the other trapeze... I did not :(
Charles on his first attempt... a total natural

Me trying to be brave... haha
Charles getting caught
Me missing the catch

Heather's missed Catch... :( from Charles Himmer on Vimeo.

If you live around Seattle... I HIGHLY recommend it.Give these guys a try Emerald City Trapeze Arts School. You won't be disappointed!!


mspaze31 said...

oh my gosh that looks like a blast! how fun are you two ;-)

Katherine and Brad said...

haha oh my gosh heather that is so great. i am stealing this idea this weekend and taking bj on a surprise date....he will NEVER see it coming. haha.

Anonymous said...


Courtney said...

hahah just watching you my stomach it turning haha! that looks so scary and i can NOT believe that you did that! time me and daniel come to see yall were all over it!

Alison said...

haha, you guys are hilarious! that's awesome!

Klaas and Janiel said...

That is AWESOME!! I'm really so jealous. It looks so much fun. :)

Brittany Alyse Voss said...

you guys are totally cool!