Wednesday, July 22, 2009

There's a Story there...

Here are a few more pictures and a play by play of our day yesterday

We started off the day with some delicious WHOLE MILK and tons of watermelon. She LOVES watermelon. She has eaten about half of one all by herself in the last 3 days. She can pack it in.
I think someone told her that one year olds don't take naps... because she was a stubborn girl all day! Good thing I wasn't making a big dinner and two cakes or anything....

Anyway, She had her favorite dinner... Spaghetti, with balloons in hand. Who could ask for more? Well, I guess she could, look at that sass on her face!
After dinner we opened presents. Sam (Abigail's 7 yr old uncle) brought her each gift, in order from the most boring, the the most exciting. All of my gifts came before the gifts from grandma, naturally.

The very first gift, and most boring. I made a little thing for us to put
all of her hair bows on, and made a few more clippies to fill it up. Despite
Sam's judgement, Abigail liked taking the clips off the ribbons.

And, the last gift, and most exciting- a lawn mower! We've been needing one of these!
The in-betweens were a big hit too. She loved her mini babydolls,
bracelets, and books- among other things.

Look at that face with her pretty bracelets

Now for the good stuff. We ended the day with cake.
I spent hours making a tiny teddy bear cake for Abigail to dig into. She loves teddy bears. Her initial reaction was so cute. She loved it. You saw the picture in yesterday's post. I felt instant gratification when she saw the cake and smiled. Then she went to touch it...

And realized it was not a real teddy bear.
She's a texture girl... and icing isn't her thing. Haha...
So much for that! She would eat it if we gave her bites,
but little miss priss didn't want anything to do with that bear.


knjfabela said...

I love your bow holder! What a cute idea.

Katherine and Brad said...

haha! i love her face when she finds out its not a real bear. haha thats great. and you look great heather! :-)

Klaas and Janiel said...

Yeah - I found your blog. That cake is adorable! I love the idea of the hair bows on the ribbon. :)
Thanks again for inviting us over for dinner - we had a great time!

Larsen Family said...

Well, I think that the cake looks wonderful!