Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthday Girl

That's right folks, she's one year older. The big 2-0. I can't believe that my little sister is so old now. Shes' getting married this year- how is that even possible. Courtney and I have had a bit of a fiery relationship growing up... to say the least. I think when we were kids we were either getting in trouble because we were fighting, or because we were just having too much fun and being rowdy. Courtney has grown up a lot in the past couple of years and is quite the mature little 20 year old. I have come to really love the little bit of time I get to spend with her since I have left home. She is a riot. She has been known to get a little crazay too, and that is what we love about her. I am so glad that she made it up for Abigail's birth... although, she only caught it by about 12 hours, since our little Abi was on her own schedule. Courtney's flight left the morning after she was born. It was a lot of fun to get to hang out with her and mom for the week before. She is creative, caring, SO good with kids, and watch out folks... she can outcraft your grandma.

Love you Qbert. Wish we could be there to celebrate with you!

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Courtney John said...

hahah i love posts about me haha so funny to hear how yall sum me up- love it heather! thank you!