Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First Practical Joke

Abigail played her first joke on me today... I swear!

I was changing her diaper, letting things air out a little bit before I put her new diaper on, which is always a little risky. She was talking away, something she has been doing a lot lately.

All of a sudden she stopped talking. With great effort on her part, she relieved herself a little bit. I quickly scrambled to get her clothes off the changing table before they got wet. Then I looked at her and said- "You little stinker."

She busted up laughing. And I said, Oh, so you think that's funny huh?

Again... uncontrollable giggling.

And people think babies don't know what is going on...

This is Abigail in her plush lazy boy bouncer- she loves chilling in it

1 comment:

alli said...

hahaha, I love these stories, they make me excited for the end of March! And where did you get that awesome bouncer chair??? That's got to be the coolest one I've seen...where's Abigail's bling?? She looks like she should be wearing some bling reclining in that awesome thing.